by wolfooworld May 07 2022


Bedtime is usually not easy for parents. You can face a lot of challenges to help kids have good sleeping habits. Kids love to play and have fun so they really like to stay up late. However, when a child does not get enough sleep, it can affect their emotions and lead to behavior problems such as hard to concentrate and decrease the learning ability. Besides, sleeping enough is very necessary for kid physical development and avoiding nodding off during the day. 

These 7 ways can help your child’s bedtime become easier. 

Set a fixed bedtime for the entire family

It is important to set a regular go-to-bed and wake-up time for the whole family and make sure that the bedtime is followed even on the weekend. This will create a healthy sleeping routine for your kids and it is easy for them to follow the routine because they understand that both mom and dad also go to bed and they have no reason to stay up late. 

Bedtime snacks

You can bring your kids some healthy food like cereal with milk, graham crackers, cookies, or fruits. A small snack before going to bed will help them be fueled and have a better sleep. However, don’t let them eat too much, it can make them sleepless. 

Create a suitable environment to sleep

Ensure the atmosphere in the bedroom is perfect for a good sleep. Turn down the light, notice the room temperature (cool but not too cold) and the noise level is low. These are signals to announce to your child’s brain that bedtime comes and they have to get ready to go to sleep.

Have a routine before going to bed

Parents should show the children all the things that they have to do before going to bed such as have a small snack, brush their teeth, wash their face, put on the pajamas and read a book or share with parents about their day at school. This routine will help kids be more disciplined.

Allow them to keep a security object

When children are old enough to sleep alone, they sometimes feel scared when being separated from their parents. Therefore, a security object such as a toy, an animal stuff or blanket can help him feel safer and get a better sleep.

Keep the children’s nap short 

Don’t let your children sleep too much during the day, try to keep their nap less than 20 minutes and no later than early afternoon. If they sleep so long for a nap, it’s hard for them to fall asleep at night.

Avoid using caffeine

Caffeine is not only included in tea and coffee but also in chocolate and coke. Using caffeine will make kids awake and hard to sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your kids away from these foods and drinks before bedtime. 

We hope that these tips will help you have easier times making your children sleep and encourage them to have a better sleeping routine. However, there is no tip that can be suitable for everyone so you need to consider what is best for your kids.