by wolfooworld Apr 23 2022


The general, Wolfoo, Pando and Kat were facing the robot dictator, Wolfoo said that the dictator could manipulate all toys here but this place would never be a happy world. 

The dictator was angry and his lackeys started to attack them with their weapons. Luckily, the general’s friends had arrived and saved them. The general’s friends thought that the victory was in their hands but Slime said that everything would not be that easy. 

The Buffy and Matryoshka appeared and tried to attack them. Wolfoo had an idea that he could turn off the button on the robot’s back in order to stop him. Kat came up with an idea to help Wolfoo come to the robot’s place by using the special machine next to them and Slime gave him part of his body to protect him. She also had a plan to save the general and arrest all the dictator’s lackeys and it was successful. At the same time, Wolfoo was behind the dictator and turned off the button, but he still could move, why?