by wolfooworld Jan 07 2022


When trying to escape from the toys in the restaurant, Wolfoo had a new problem. One of his hands was turning into wood. After that his car crashed against a tree. To run away from the chase of the toys, he hid in a food carrier where he found lots of apples and was brought to somewhere. At the same time, Kat fell into a scary forest and she did not know what to do.

Now Wolfoo realized he was in a luxurious place and he met…Pando. Pando said that the people here treated him very well. Matryoshka – a tumbler doll appeared, Wolfoo felt suspicious of him but Pando said that everything there was fine and he could trust him. He feasted them with a lot of delicious dishes. Wolfoo was starving so he ate all of them. Pando showed Wolfoo his bedroom which is so beautiful with many toys.

Pando told Wolfoo that after falling to this world, he met Matryoshka and he said it has been a long time since humans appeared in the toy world so she was happy. After that se showed them a place called “Amusement Center” where they had various kinds of toys. Then they found a golden statue of Pando named “The Best Panda”. What will happen next?