by wolfooworld Feb 26 2022


Slime told Wolfoo and Pando about the toy world – The forgotten world. This is the world for all the toys that were abandoned by humans. Slime had two first friends – a girl doll and a robot – and they built the toy world together and tried to make it become a place that is full of happiness for all the toys. One day, the owner of the girl doll missed her and wanted to find her so Slime wanted to help her to come back with her owner. However, the robot did not want that to happen, he used to be thrown away for no reason so he hated humans and he thought that the girl doll was betraying him. He stopped the girl doll by cutting her out, Slime was shocked and ran. After that, the robot built his army and told other toys that humans abandoned them and punished anyone who wanted to ravel like Silme. 

In order to help Wolfoo be back home, Slime said that they needed to find the supreme leader. Unluckily, they realized that he was going to be excuted. What could they do? Let’s wait for the next episode.