by wolfooworld Apr 13 2021


Episode 6: Keep going on the journey, Wolfoo arrives at the Snow Mountain to find the last piece of gem. At this moment, the witch Doom also reaches Dragoo’s place to kidnap the Mother Dragon.

While lost in the vast snow forest, Wolfoo meets and rescues Polie – the daughter of the mysterious White Bear prophet. In return for Wolfoo’s kindness, Polie asked her mother to help Wolfoo find the lost gem. According to the prophet’s instructions, Wolfoo found the last piece of gem in the lair of the Bird Master – the mascot guarding the thousand-year-old Snow Mountain. After gathering all 4 broken gems, Wolfoo regained the Space Gem in its original form. At this moment, the witch Doom appeared with the Mother Dragon and stole the Gem. 

Dragoo reunited with Wolfoo and the two returned to the palace – where Doom was trying to destroy.