by wolfooworld Apr 22 2021


Episode 7: When Wolfoo and Dragoo arrived at the palace, Doom’s already turned this place into a fiery battlefield. Knight’s father – The King struggled with Mother Dragon and monsters. The Knight’s Mother was in a situation of being forced to give Doom the Magic Scepter to save her daughter. 

Wolfoo and Dragoo quickly join the battlefield and help the Knight’s Parents to overcome danger. Suddenly, Witch Doom used the power of the Gem and Scepter to summon the Giants to destroy the Kingdom. 

When the situation got worse, all of Wolfoo’s friends (Ottie, Tass, Polie) appeared with the powerful army to support. 

Witnessing the situation is reversed, Doom happened to be distracted and Wolfoo destroyed the Scepter, which caused the Giants to turn to ash. Peace has once again returned to the Wizard Kingdom. Wolfoo and the Gem return to Wolfoo’s world and discover that everything that happened in the world of the Knight turns out to be within just a few minutes. Wolfoo says goodbye to the Knight and happily returns to his daily life.