by wolfooworld May 07 2022


Some kids are very social and energetic and they feel easy to make friends as well as jump right into social situations, while others struggle. There is no problem if your kids do not have lots of friends because sometimes quality is better than quantity. However, your kids should know how to handle the relationships around them that can have a positive effect on their growth instead of spending most of their time alone. You can apply these tips below to give your kids the right advice and boost their confidence.

Spend time observing the way your child interacts with the other kids

Participate in some school activities with your child and observe how he socializes and realizes what his problems are in starting a conversation. For example, does he act at school differently than at home? Why? When you see his behavior, you can decide what skills you should help him to build.

Don’t avoid the problem

If your kid has a problem in social situations, don’t ignore it. He should join the community and learn how to improve his relationships with people around him. For example, parents can encourage him to participate in a club at school that is suitable for his hobby. Your kid can have opportunities to make more friends who can share the same hobby. This helps enhance his confidence in communication.

Be a good model

The way you interact with others can make a significant impact on your child. Every time you start a conversation with your friends, neighbors, or anyone, let’s make it become a learning scenario and show him how you join in and negotiate.

Support and encourage

Praise your kid when they can make new friends and become more sociable even if he just makes slow progress. Your kid will be more and more confident in communicating if he knows how proud you are that he tries.

Don’t compare your child to anyone

Don’t compare your kid to you or his other friends. Just because you have a lot of friends, it does not mean that your child will. You should understand that your kid has his own unique personality and it is completely fine if he does feel good in the crowd and has few friends as long as he’s happy and well-adjusted.